But There's No Theocracy Here

Why did this go as far as a government shutdown? Why is our country once again the laughing stock of the world? As Senator Warren explains, it’s because some members of our House would prefer a theocracy to the democracy we have.

Yes, it’s about the Affordable Care Act, but the specific issue the House Republicans have been using is a religious one.

But There's No Theocracy Here
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6 thoughts on “But There's No Theocracy Here

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    Yeah, I have too many friends and loved ones in the US who are at risk because of this appalling behaviour by the hardcore 10% of the US lower house. 40-50 Tea Party intransigent assholes, and millions go without food, without income, without food safety…too many friends and loved ones to be laughing.

    I feel about it sort of the same as I did when, say, Russia had that horrible standoff in Beslan, with the kids in the school. I’m horrified, hoping for an outcome that kills the fewest innocent people, and wondering what has to happen in someone’s life to think that this kind of basically violent extortion is a reasonable way to behave.

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    If these tea party asswipes want to live in a theocracy, it is to bad we can’t pack them into a cattle boat and send them to one of backward places they would like the states to become lets say saudi or iran, I’m sure they would love it there. These creatures are a waste of space and oxygen

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    To me, safe in Britain, this whole thing has gone all the way out of the other side of embarrassing and is now deep in the realms of the bizarre. If someone came up to me and said, “This whole thing has been an enormous news prank played by the Americans on the rest of the world. Of course it’s not happening, you jackass, how could anything like this possibly ever happen?” then I would desperately want to believe them.

    That’s the case, right? Please tell me that this is just some huge joke you’re playing on us?

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    Conservative Christians are the most evil people. Lets take a look at a the last 400+ yrs. Short, simple, and to the point. I will describe the behavior of the Conservative Christian movement.

    Lets begin:

    Christopher Columbus, Christian, cut the hands off of Natives if they didnt bring him enough gold, bragged about how easy it was to make them into slaves and offered up groups of Natives to be gang raped.

    Puritans, Christian, fled their homeland so they could practice their religion their way, this is understandable, however, Quakers were bared from having government jobs, forced to fund the Puritan’s churches even though they didn’t attend, some were even driven out of the colony, some were even lynched.

    In fact, many of the first 13 states were created by those who fled or were driven out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony because of the theocracy the Puritans were pushing.

    Even Benjamin Franklin, from what I understand left Massachusetts, one reason being the religious intolerance.

    Besides not allowing any other religion, Joseph Smith, the creator of Mormonism, was killed by these people, from what I understand, a group raided the jail he was locked up in, and, like the mob run witch trials, they mob murdered him.

    When blacks wanted equal rights both during the “Civil Right” movement with MLK and years prior when slaves wanted freedom, the conservative Christians of the time, used the bible to back up their argument that even God believe blacks were inferior.

    The same thing happened when woman wanted more rights, when immigrants wanted more rights, when the disabled wanted more rights, when Veterans, the elderly and children wanted more rights.

    All the way up to today, with gays getting some equal rights, the Conservative Christian movement has been front in center making themselves out to be the victims, as usual, when any minority they were once allowed to abuse, kill, and oppress are treated more equal than they once were.

    You can even take the words of Hitler, and replace the word “Jew” with the name of whatever group is being oppressed at whatever time in US history, and it will sound just like a conservative Christian had written it.

    Why not do some research, and just for fun do that, replace “Jew” with, “Muslim”, “Gay”, “Atheist” etc.

    There is plenty of data to back-up what I say, it is called “Facts”. Unfortunately, even today, this year, 2013, conservative Christians are trying to “white wash” history by doing things like trying to get Thomas Jefferson out of school books, so the whole “separation of church and state” debate would no longer be. There have been attempts to rename “slavery” into some economic-commerce movement.

    Conservative Christians ARE the enemy of Americans and the World.

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