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It’s hard to avoid these days. You’re wandering around the internet, looking at other things, and there you find someone expressing their thoughts on the Michael Shermer rape allegations. Take this guy, for example. He’s very clear on where he stands.

Screen shot of tweets from @miserere22. Text provided in the post.

@michaelshermer pz meyers is accusing you of rape rape. please sue the shit out of him.

Nor is he afraid to take it to the source.

Screen shot of tweets from @miserere22. Text provided in the post.

@pzmyers your actions wrt shermer are immoral. as i know that word means nothing to you, hopefully they sue your ass off, just so you learn

@pzmyers learn a new word: “alleged”, stupid.

@pzmyers is that person doing the allegation to the appropriate authorities or is she doing it anonimously through a proxy, on the internet?

What would Shermer do without eyes on the ground like this?

Screen shot of tweets from @miserere22. Text provided in the post.

@michaelshermer pz myers only half assedly complied with c&d letter. he left backhanded accusations in the air. make him comply 100%.

But who is this staunch defender of Shermer’s legal honor?

Screen shot of tweets from PZ Myers and @miserere22. Text provided in the post.

Oh, right. That’s that guy. The one who in response to PZ tweeting this:

I just donated to The Ada Initiative: Since my daughter works in and is a student of computer science, I figur… 

Tweeted this:

@pzmyers hopefully she gets raped. no offense.

Shermer must be so proud.

One More Defender
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20 thoughts on “One More Defender

  1. 1

    It’s so interesting* that rape is simultaneously a horrible thing to be accused of and something you can apparently wish on someone else with the expectation that they won’t be offended.

    *for values of ‘interesting’ equivalent to ‘repulsive’

  2. 2

    UGH. That’s probably the nastiest tweet I have ever seen. How can anyone be that hateful? How is it even possible to hate someone so much that you would wish rape on their child? It’s terrifying that such people are out there.

  3. 3

    Messages like this only convince me that PZ is only scratching the surface of the sleaze and rape-culture that’s prevalent in the segment of the population that people like Shermer represent. Sort of like that convicted child-rapist leading a junior-high-level Internet crusade against Rebecca Watson. We may soon be finding that Shermer is the BEST of the lot.

  4. 6

    I fail to see how anyone can be responsible for a random internet troll.

    If I had some assbag thinking they were defending me by saying horrible things, I’d ask them to stop. And, actually, if I had “supporters” (especially of that ilk!) I’d put out some comments to them asking them not to “help” any more. I’d want to distance myself from them, wouldn’t you?

  5. 7

    axelblaster: if I found myself being “defended” by someone that despicable, I’d be dreadfully embarrassed, and I’d probably even start wondering what I may have said or done to make such a scumbag think I was a kindred spirit or whatever. And as Marcus already said, I’d be asking them to either watch their words more carefully, or just shut up altogether.

  6. 8

    It’s so interesting* that rape is simultaneously a horrible thing to be accused of and something you can apparently wish on someone else with the expectation that they won’t be offended.

    Didn’t you know? Being raped isn’t all that bad; being accused of rape is far worse. /spits

    I’d say this was an exageration, but some commenters were actually arguing that in the grenade thread. Others have argued that the victimization is equally harmful. Others, while not actually arguing this explicitely, say it’s morally wrong to think someone might be a rapist without ironclad, “beyond all reasonable doubt” evidence. They then went on to argue that assuming consent where none is given absolves one of any responsibility for commiting rape.

    As for offense, I think the “no offense” bit is sarcastic.

  7. 10

    And he isn’t a sockpuppet from a slyme or anything. This is seemingly a real Chilean dude who spends most of his tweets criticizing and replying candidate Michele Bachellet and other local female personalities.

  8. 12

    pz myers only half assedly complied with c&d letter.

    This is news to me; did PZ actually do something to comply, half-assedly or otherwise, with the threat letter he got from Shermer’s counsel?

  9. 13

    Rieux: PZ pulled his post about the threat letter itself, and his link to it. See Jason’s timeline of August 12. Whether that was complying with the letter from Shermer’s counsel, or with advice from PZ’s own counsel via Popehat, we can’t really tell, right?

  10. 14

    Oh, I see. Thanks for the clue-in, Pteryxx.

    I dunno; pretty clearly the letter demanded that PZ take down the original “grenade” post, not the post about the letter that, by some basic law of physics, necessarily postdates the letter itself. I suppose that the demands in the letter would also extend to taking down a post detailing the contents of the letter, so I guess I understand where Miserere got that idea.

    I’m still having a difficult time, though, seeing how taking down the post regarding the letter actually amounts to complying, half-assedly or otherwise, with the demands in the letter. The “grenade” post is still up, so I’d say PZ hasn’t complied, basically at all. I have a feeling Shermer and his counsel see things that way as well.

  11. 15

    Something I’ve tried to point out before to at least one skeptic on youtube was to look at who is so gung ho about Shermer and putting down the people bringing this stuff to light. It may be a type of guilt by association, but if I were to make a video about something and it was accused of being racist when I really didn’t think it was, then I started getting KKK and white supremacist people defending me, I would consider that I said something wrong after all. If you act a certain way or say certain things and get MRAs and rape apologists jumping to your defense, you maybe ought to consider why you’re appealing to that particular demographic.

  12. 17

    A tweet against Michelle Bachelet was his last tweet (as of posting), she was the President of Chile and he may not like her for her politics or because she is a woman (#10). He tweets mostly in Spanish but is bilingual and follows/followed mostly by Spanish speakers. If you see the tweets he follows some MRM/MRA groups, Likely he is anti-feminists. No real ties with any frequent name that pops-up online. He doesn’t tweet on a regular basis. I don’t know about you but to me this is textbook random and trollish (OP).

    So while a person might be convinced of Shermer’s guilt, innocence, or withholds judgement, it doesn’t follow that the tweet in question would be something he knows about and/or would endorse (#6 and #7). Or that he could control. So while I don’t care about defending Shermer, this particular tweet/post is not an indictment on his character.

    Trivia: He doesn’t like Feminist Frequency.

  13. 19

    Shit.. “the fail-point of clever is jerk.”

    I just meant that “misogynist asshole hates Feminist Frequency” was the least surprising thing I’ve heard. I didn’t mean “People with skin (i.e. all people) hate Feminist Frequency.”

    I’ll shut up for a bit.

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