#FtBCon: Of Spoons and Skeptics

On Saturday morning, a group of people with chronic pain got together to talk about how it affects their life, what is and isn’t helpful to hear from others, and their experiences with alternative medicine and skepticism on the same. It was an interesting session, and there were several points at which I wished I’d taken up the invitation to join, even though my pain issues are intermittent instead of chronic.

An hour wasn’t nearly long enough to tackle the subject, so expect ongoing hangouts to talk about various facets of the issue and to allow others with chronic pain to participate.

Panelists:Chana Messinger (moderator)
Ania Bula
Emily Finke
Mitchell Greenbaum

Mitchell has “written up” his part of the session, since he uses voice-recognition software to deal with his tendonitis. Additionally, several resources were mentioned during the discussion. Here are links:

#FtBCon: Of Spoons and Skeptics
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4 thoughts on “#FtBCon: Of Spoons and Skeptics

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    Yeah, it was a great panel, and I really liked the enthusiasm about going forward with more material about it. Things like sex and sexuality, spontaneity in general, working with chronic pain, the effects of the “War on (some) Drugs”, travel restrictions (can’t take meds into some countries), judgemental people, all sorts of topics we talked about looking into.

    Thanks so much for all your help, Mitchell and Stephanie, in getting me set up to take part, and walking me through this newfangled geegawery like Google+ and Hangouts and lower thirds and other vaguely-musical-sounding things. 🙂

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    Unfortunately, “spoon theory” is being misapplied — I hesitate to say “appropriated,” though others have — to refer to a general (in)ability-to-deal-with, as opposed to specifically medical inability-to-deal-with.

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