SkepchickCon Prices Going Up

Today is the final day to pre-register for CONvergence, the home of SkepchickCon. Today the price is $60 for an adult. Tomorrow…well, you can’t pay tomorrow. If you don’t pre-register, you’ll have to pay at the door and live with a badge that doesn’t look like all the other kids’ badges. And you’ll pay $100 for the privilege.

This four-day event brings you lots of tasty science and skeptical programming aimed at geek audiences. Skepchick has lined up a bunch of cool guests, largely women to talk about skepticism and science and communicating about both of them. See all the guest bios here.* See the schedule for programming here. Look at all the other cool things happening at CONvergence. Show their anti-harassment campaign some respect.

Then go register while the prices are still a steal.**

*Melanie, who is organizing this year’s SkepchickCon, made a tactical error. While trying to collect headshots and bios from us, she threatened to post drawings of us done by her kids. Here’s mine. I seriously considered using it for their page.

Stick figure drawing of me.
I have no idea what’s going on here, but I like it.

**No one will actually charge you with theft. They may ask you to applaud the horde of volunteers who keep the prices low, though. Do it.

SkepchickCon Prices Going Up

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    I didn’t even have hair like that in the 80s. Too fine. Wouldn’t feather, and no amount of hairspray in the world could have given me satellite-receiver bangs.

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    Same here. I tried a perm once and the curl was gone in a week, leaving my hair just kind of broken. It’s a shame, really, because I’d love my old photos to be funnier.

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