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    But, well, I’ve never met a Minnesotan who says y’all. In fact, they used to laugh at me a lot about that in my time there. I made a feminist defense of the use of the term, but non-Southern women were unconvinced. Of course, that was almost 30 years ago, so I’m a bit out of date…

    Seriously, I’m really, really happy about this. Though I do worry about the poor innkeepers and restauranteurs in Decorah, Iowa who did such a lovely job of serving as a destination wedding site for gay Minnesota couples. At least in my limited experience of attending a wedding there (n = 1).

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    I have been trying to control my smiling and joycrying since it passed the house on Thursday.
    This is so exciting, especially when just 6 months ago I was hearing people say I am such an abomination that there should be a state constitutional amendment to keep me from my rights.

    the last year has been… well… overwhelming for me.

    Going to head to my patio bar in St Paul to watch the signing live and have a cigar to celebrate!

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    Well that is awesome as you Americans say but there is much more to be done
    So wonder if this will ever be law in Texas or Alabama or Mississippi or well you
    know the ones I mean // Is a shame you have to do things by state as otherwise
    you could do the whole country in one fell swoop // But great achievement never
    the less // I do not know if this will reduce homophobia in a country which is right
    wing and traditionalist but that is just an out side perspective // I also think that in
    California they tried to repeal this legislation which did rather surprise me for we
    thought it was one of the more liberal states if not the most liberal one with good
    old New York // So sometimes you have to take one step backwards before you
    can take two to go forward so to speak // Wonder what the reaction has been of
    ordinary Minnesotans // Some happy and some not so happy I guess // Well one
    hopes the law stays in place and they do not do what the Sun Shine State did so
    once again congaratulations and keep up the good work in trying to bring it to the
    other thirty six or thirty eight if you count the other two // Anyway that is it for now

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