One Nation Indivisible

This Thursday, May 2, is the National Day of Prayer. It’s a day organized by largely evangelical, fundamentalist Christian groups to expressly comingle religion with the business of government. Here in Minnesota, people are bused in from all over the state for a rally in front of the capitol.

Thursday is also the Day of Reason, in which secular groups get together to keep the religious groups from being the only voices heard on that day and to remind them of the appropriate basis for legislation in a free society. Minnesota Atheists have organized Day of Reason events in the capitol rotunda for several years now.

These events have been effective at making sure dissenting voices receive media coverage on the day, but they’ve been largely ignored by legislators and the governor. We’re hoping this year will be different.

Our main speaker this year will be Blake Page, the West Point cadet who dropped out in response to pressure to help make our military an evangelical force. Our other featured speakers are also military service members who served to help uphold our Constitution and the freedoms of conscience embedded within it. This year’s theme is One Nation Indivisible.

They will speak of living and serving in a country in which some insist that acceptance of their god be the test that divides us.

The Day of Reason event is held over lunch, and it’s a great opportunity to introduce children to participation in our democratic processes. If you’d like to attend, please see our event page for details, particularly details on transportation.

One Nation Indivisible
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    Sadly, the closest event to me is a 5-hour drive away. 10 hours round trip is a bit much for a lunch.

    However, what a great idea! Maybe I’ll try to help organize something for next year in my neck of the woods. May 2, May 2, May 2…Ok, got it.

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