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16 thoughts on “Mine All Mine

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    Practical & stylish: WIn!

    I’m sure they will serve you well.

    The last time I wore heels I chose some silly 8″ monstrosities; nearly broke my face and the knees have still not forgiven me…

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    Damn it! I want to wear cute heels, but I have joint issues and am afraid that I will kill myself wearing them.

    Does anyone know how one can figure out how high a heel is on a shoe? Like, does it say somewhere on the box? On the shoe? Do I need to bring a tape measure? I want to go to the store and see if I can wear 2 inch heels without pain or awkwardness.

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    Very nice. I am jelly.

    @Eristae, try checking online first; descriptions will include the height of the heel.

    Or you could bring measuring tape with you to the store.

    My feet are shot to hell (one fallen arch, and a tendency to plantar fasciitis,) but I can wear low heels–2″ or under.

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    I went to the Fluevog store today. I picked out four pairs I loved. I will buy a pair when I have the means to do so. If they work, I’ll buy the other three. I really hope these shoes are the answer to my foot problems.

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    @Susannah & Stacy

    Yay! I will use those tips in my epic quest to find shoes that I can wear. Thanks so much!


    If you have foot problems in general, checking out Sanita and Dansko might be helpful. I have some of their clogs, and they are both comfy and seem to last until the end of time. Apparently nurses wear them a lot, too, in the name of being able to have something cute that can also be worn all day when one is on one’s feet. I also have a pair of Spring Step that are really nice, but I only have the one pair, so I can’t speak to them in general.

    Here are two of my favorite pairs of shoes (well, I think they are, anyway):

    Spring Step
    Sanita Dansko (these basically aren’t for sale anymore, which makes me saaaaaaaaad)

    As you can see, I like red shoes.

    I just bought some Sanita Koi Women’s Demi Jane shoes and am going to buy some Sanita Sangria Natasha heels once I find out whether or not I can walk around in 2″ heels without killing myself.

    . . . looking back on that post, it may have been TMSI: too much shoe information.


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