Have You Heard the Good News?

I mean the news out of Saint Paul. Via Minnesotans United for All Families:

A bipartisan group of legislative leaders announced a bill Wednesday morning to give same-sex couples the right to get married in Minnesota.

“It would simply allow folks who so desire, who have demonstrated a lifetime of love and commitment to get married,” said Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis), a co-author of the bill. “We’re affirming things that we all prize, love at the center of marriage.”

The legislation aims to repeal Minnesota’s 1997 law that banned marriage between two people of the same sex.

Co-author Sen. Branden Petersen (R-Andover), is the first Republican state legislator to publicly support gay marriage in Minnesota.  He said this bill “strengthens children, strengthens marriage and families and protects religious freedom.”

Despite Minnesota voters defeating an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment in November, opponents of same sex marriage aren’t backing down.

Read the whole thing here. Help Minnesotans United get out the support for this bill here or here. If you live in Minnesota, please contact your state rep and senator. We can make this happen.

Have You Heard the Good News?

2 thoughts on “Have You Heard the Good News?

  1. 1

    oooh, good luck, MN!

    and given that ND is trying to be the Worst State Ever, I might become a Minnesotan whether I want to or not :-p

    Couldn’t you just annex Fargo, so I wouldn’t have to move..?

  2. 2

    The Republican state senator from Andover? Wow, that’s great news in itself for his constituents, who have to live with Michelle Bachmann as their US representative.

    I really, really hope this passes!

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