Real World Atheism: Godless Activism and Cultural Relevancy

Hey, Chicago friends! You busy March 8?

Join the DePaul Alliance for Free Thought, in association with the Secular Student Alliance, Center for Inquiry, African Americans for Humanism, and the Women’s Center at DePaul as we host a panel of some of the best minds in the secular movement to talk about the state of atheism, its current predicaments regarding discrimination, and attempt to chart a path towards greater involvement in the world at large.

This event will be held in room 103 of DePaul’s Arts and Letters Hall, located at 2315 N Kenmore, Chicago, Illinois. The building is fully handicapable accessible, and accommodation can be provided upon request.

This event is free and open to the public.

Our panelists are:

Sikivu Hutchinson

Anthony Pinn

Ashley F. Miller

  • Writer and activist, blogger at FreethoughtBlogs
  • Currently getting PhD in Mass Communications, focusing on Women’s Studies and Reality TV

More Info:

Stephanie Zvan

  • Associate President of Minnesota Atheists (incoming)
  • Blogger at FreethoughtBlogs

Ian Cromwell

  • Blogger at FreethoughtBlogs

You may recognize a few of those names. Any you don’t recognize, you’ll probably want to.

When Andrew approached me about moderating this panel, I had one reservation. I said, “I’m getting tired of repeatedly talking about why we need to do this sort of thing. I’d much rather we talked about how.” He said that was exactly what he was hoping for.

The fun part, for me, is that I’ll learn something. I don’t know much about how we make atheist activism relevant to the real world, even after listening to and reading the other panelists talk about the need. But that’s the joy of moderating something like this. I get to ask questions.

If you’re as interested as I am in the answers, I hope you can make it out.

Real World Atheism: Godless Activism and Cultural Relevancy
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  1. NK

    Either the DePaul Alliance for Free Thought wasn’t around when I was a student there, or I didn’t know about it. If I still lived in Chicago, I’d be all over this. Sounds great, and good luck. (On an unrelated note, this is my first comment on FTB. Feels weird to have finally delurked.)

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