A Time for Tears

Hey, did you know that registration for Women in Secularism is open?

Okay, I haven’t exactly been subtle on that point. What can I say? I’m excited about it.

Last year’s conference wasn’t just transformative for this movement in the ways that anyone can look around and see. It also put a large group of women in touch with each other and united them in common causes (from making change to providing support) in ways you don’t see but with effects you almost certainly feel. The conference created a network that extends far beyond the people who attended.

Most of that happened outside the talks. The talks, however, were just as important. They informed, and they reminded us why we’re activists, even when we’re almost too tired to move. This talk by Wafa Sultan was delivered to a weeping audience.

We didn’t walk away from this talk feeling hopeless, no matter the size of the problem. We left determined. That’s what a conference should do.

A Time for Tears

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    Student tickets. Rooms in a nearby hotel with lots of beds for not too much money that can be shared. Van pool coming from Ohio, if that’s where you’ll be then. Go to the WiS Facebook page and make someone figure out how you can make it.

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    Yeah, CFI has a forum, and I think they set up room-sharing information there last year, but the organization seems to have started spontaneously on the Facebook page this year. :/

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