Tomorrow's Skeptics Today (Update)

It’s a good time to be a good young skeptic. We’re working to make some of them heard, but a number of blog networks/group blogs are coming together to give them a platform like they’ve never had.

I’ve linked to The Heresy Club before, lots of times on Twitter and Facebook, where I do much more linking (hint). They’re an impressive, diverse bunch who manage to hold positions that are both strong and nuanced while still remaining open to debate. This network has a strong atheist bent, but the inclusion of Hayley Stevens (ghost hunter) and Rhys Morgan (anti-homeopathy activist) means the skepticism here isn’t limited to religion.

Originally organized as a group blog with space for students to blog occasionally, Skeptic Freethought has recently reorganized as a blog network. It is still very much centered on students, and it is still eager for guest posts from students who have something to say but don’t necessarily want to start a blog to say it. You’ll see familiar writers there like Dave Muscato and Ellen Lundgren. I expect they’ll grow quickly as they find out how supportive a network can be.

The Young Australian Skeptics have been around for quite a while, but more recently, they’ve been the home of The Pseudoscientists podcast and not a lot more. They’ve just changed this, however, with their relaunch yesterday. You will once again find regular, written science and skeptical content on their site.

These bloggers are the future of our movements. Go pay them some nice attention.

Update: Heh. Following this blog post and some funny chatter on Twitter, representatives from all three of the networks featured here are doing a Google hangout to talk about the current skeptical and atheist communities and about being our future. Alex has the details at The Heresy Club.

Tomorrow's Skeptics Today (Update)
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13 thoughts on “Tomorrow's Skeptics Today (Update)

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    Stephanie, thank you so much for giving the Young Australian Skeptics shout out! We’re in good company with The Heresy Club, but I hadn’t heard of Skeptic Freethought, so cheers for that! Always eager to find more young people voicing their opinions and getting stuff out there.

    Jack Scanlan
    Head Editor of the Young Australian Skeptics

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    Thanks for the notice, Stephanie! I have so much hope in the future of our movement, I couldn’t just wait around for it to happen. It’s my hope that all these networks can be a part of building it together. /mushyfeels

    Cheers to all! 🙂

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