Mission Critical

So there’s one of these anti-theist groups on Facebook. It doesn’t really matter which one, so I’ve obscured most of the name on the screen cap below. What matters is that they’re not small and that, by their own description, they’re providing a “bullshit-free zone”.

Page banner showing 53,000+ likes and claiming the page to be a "bullshit-free zone".
What kinds of things do they provide that are free of bullshit? Much of it is what you’d expect from any atheist page.

Some science and images touting the superiority of science:

Link to a video of Klein's TED talk on the intelligence of crows.

Cartoon: Teach both theories. Let the kids decide. Alchemy is paired with chemistry, phrenology with neurology, magic with physics, and astrology with astronomy.

Satellite picture of Hurricane Sandy. Caption: Science accurately predicted Hurricane Sandy, saving lives and property. Religion blamed it on the gays.

Some recommendations for entertainment created by atheists:

Link to the BBC radio version of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Link to Bill Hicks routine on Revelations.

Links to news about people talking about religion or current events in which religion plays a part:

Link to Guardian article on Peter Higgs criticizing Richard Dawkins.

Link to SFGate article about Israel's plans to build in disputed territories.

Talking about being superior to those religious people:

Question: "What's the daftest thing you've ever heard fall from a theist's cake hole?"

Unintentional irony:

"How come know-it-alls don't know how annoying they are?"

And then there was this piece of anti-theist insight:

Picture of the Wicked Witch of the West. Caption: The Ultimate Chick Flick; Two women trying to kill each other over shoes.

I can’t possibly imagine why women would feel less than perfectly welcome in an atheist Facebook group like this. Can you?

Mission Critical
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17 thoughts on “Mission Critical

  1. 5

    The Chilly Climate strikes again. Ooo, and a wild Vacula appears!

    Sorry, Stephanie, if people have a different sense of humor than you do. Please never go to an open-mic comedy show…or any comedy show for that matter.

    Good humour punches against the power gradient, hence why we ridicule lousy laws, why minorities can call themselves by their racist epithets, and why all the good rape jokes make fun of the rapists. Bad humour doesn’t realize this, and punches any which way it feels like and shields itself with the word “edgy.” You’ll find tonnes of the latter at an open-mic night, but very little in a professional comic’s act.

    Humour has its standards, in other words, and I don’t think pushing the belittling stereotype that women obsess over shoes meets those standards.

  2. 9

    For that matter, I’d like Justin Vacula to explain to the rest of us how sexism is supposed to be funny. At all.

    ‘Cuz I don’t find it one bit funny. That he does (or might) tells me a lot more about him than it does about anything else.

  3. 11

    I had read somewhere that the wizard of oz was a good example of an atheistic story. Each of the four travellers believed they lacked something and required external sourcing, but discovered that virtues come from within. The mysterious wizard turns out to be an ordinary person hiding behind a curtain. Don’t go looking for paradise as a solution to your problems; paradise lies in your actual circumstances in the real world.

  4. 15

    Hah, I took on the admin of that page for his love of alcoholics anonymous and he has never forgiven me. Can you imagine an antitheist page giving love to a religious 12 step organization?? Yeah, neither could I but, there you have it.

  5. 17

    Oh, but AA isn’t religious, it’s “spiritual”! And it’s totally NOT a cult!

    Yeah, so I was told… over and over and over and over again by the holy roller spiritual but not religious AAbots for 23 years before I escaped the totally not a cult.

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