Mock the Movie: Now With Nazi Time Machines!

There is no trailer for this Thursday’s mockable movie available on YouTube. The entire description of the movie on IMDB is “A Nazi scientist invents a time machine enabling him to go back to alter the events of WWII.” Really, though, what more do you need? Join us this Thursday for The Yesterday Machine, free at YouTube. Or, if you haven’t destroyed your glasses, you can watch it in 3D.

Two weeks from Thursday, on November 29, we will return to SyFy (then SciFi) original movies with Sands of Oblivion. It is supposed to be one of their better productions, but…well. Still, we’ll have Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin for the slash lovers (did anyone ever actually want Jayne and Inara to hook up?), Homer Simpson as Cecil B. DeMille, and American desert that, for once, isn’t standing in for Egyptian desert. Just fake Egyptian desert. This one is available on Hulu or YouTube if you’re willing to fall behind slightly for commercials.

Then, on December 13, it will be Yor, the Hunter from the Future. How can we resist? Well-oiled caveman with 80s hair meets dinosaurs and laser beams. Come on. You’d do it too. In fact, you can, as long as it doesn’t get pulled before we get to it.

Then–then it’s the Thursday after Christmas, and we’ll have a little something special:

This one won’t be free, but it should be entertaining. Not good, exactly, but entertaining.

“These all sound awful!” I hear you cry. Yes, yes, they do. “These must be mocked mercilessly”, you say. Well, then you’re in the right company. The instructions for playing along:

  1. Start following @MockTM on Twitter.
  2. Start watching the movie on the appropriate Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT.
  3. Once you’ve got the movie going, tweet your snarky comments to @MockTM.  Directing our tweets to @MockTM will keep our followers from being overwhelmed with our snark!
  4. Set up a search for @MockTM on Twitter for the duration so you can follow along with everyone else sharing your pain.

If you have suggestions for other movies that can and should be mocked, send them to @MockTM. Preference will be given to movies that are free or stream on the major media delivery services. Watch the feed, and we’ll set up the calendar for more terrible, mockable movies.

Mock the Movie: Now With Nazi Time Machines!