Last Chance to Jump In

Donors Choose comes to a close tomorrow. Thanks from teachers whose projects you’ve funded keeps rolling in. I’ll share more later this weekend. Before it’s all over, though, I’d love it if we can help give a bunch of kids access to the same technology that most of us take for granted.

Jumping With Technology

Elizabeth Fonde Elem School, Mobile, AL

My Students: Change the world with technology aid. My students have two computer labs for the first time ever! In order for them to create and save projects, they will need jump drives. As a teacher at a title I school, my parents are not financially able to purchase these for their child.

This year, I have 18 lovely children. The are all excited to learn and are soaking up what we do in the computer lab like a sponge! They range in age from 9 to 12. I teach at a Title I school in Alabama. Our school is slowly trying to change our reputation from a rough school to an academic thriving school with many opportunities for our students.

My Project: If my children have jump drives, I will be able to teach them many technology resources and how to use them! By having the ink and paper, I can provide more resources to help them complete their projects by providing a resource for them to print information that they gather form the computer!

I feel as though this donation will make a huge difference to my classroom. It will show students how kind people are in the world and that others care about them and their education. I also believe that it will better prepare my students for a better future!

The NEA Foundation is matching everything donated to this project. I know that many of you donated to election campaigns. I know that many of you donated to Skepticon. However, this project is only $152 from completion. Small donations will add up quickly. Think we can fund one more project?

If you donate, don’t forget to enter the matching code “SCIENCE” when you check out. Your donation will be matched up to $100 by Donors Choose itself.

Last Chance to Jump In
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