The War on Science

Last week, Greg Laden and I got together to tape an episode of the Atheists Talk television show to talk about the War on Science in the U.S. It was a combination of background and an update to let people know what’s happening on the legislative front. Enjoy.

The moments of silence at the beginning are a technical issue with our mikes. It doesn’t last long.

If I look a little awkward, this is the first time I’ve hosted the television portion of Minnesota Atheists’ Great Media Empire. I was filling in for our regular host, who had an accident involving stitches to the face. He’s doing okay, but I guess he thought they might be distracting on the show.

Also, it’s very much a pity you can’t see Greg’s tie up close. It’s kind of awesome. Yes, better than crockoducks.

The War on Science

5 thoughts on “The War on Science

  1. 3

    Kitty, yes, and not just any skulls. Greg says they are Australopith, habalis, and erectus/ergaster.

    I also confirmed that the tie was part of a special edition and not available for purchase anywhere, for those who are (rightly) interested.

  2. 4

    So Greg has been re-habilitated then? Did he ever apologise for the ableist nature of his attempts to set off Justin’s PTSD? Because I personally would not agree to be on a show with someone who won’t acknowledge their ableist privilege and hasn’t acknowledged how their actions benefit from it.

  3. 5

    Dairy, it was pointed out to you last time you brought this up that Greg was doing no such thing. You didn’t engage then. You didn’t explain how you were reading Greg’s mind to know better than the people who were there. You’re just repeating made-up allegations and running away from them.

    You won’t be doing that here again.

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