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Well, the petition to have me removed from my “leadership” and “host” positions with Atheist Voices of Minnesota having become a head-scratching joke locally, I’m still included in the book. I’m also still promoting it. This Wednesday, that means I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble store in Roseville for another reading.

Join us at the Barnes & Noble in Har Mar Mall in Roseville at 7pm, Wednesday, October 10 for a fun evening. The Atheist Voices of Minnesota will be featured for an authors’ event and we would love to see a room full of occupied seats!

Six of the book authors will read and/or discuss their essays and then be available to take questions from attendees. The featured authors are Norman Barrett Wiik, Stephanie Zvan, Robin Raianiemi, Tim Wick, Kori Hennessy, and August Berkshire. The host will be Eric Jayne. After the one hour (maybe an hour and a half) event some of us will gather at the Old Chicago restaurant for social time.

The event is currently being promoted inside the Har Mar Barnes & Noble store with posters and complimentary bookmarks. It’s also featured on their website. Books will be available for purchase at the Barnes & Noble store.

If you miss the reading or the northern suburbs are too far away, you can catch a different set of authors on Sunday morning in Bloomington.

Join us at MN Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 10:30AM on Sunday, October 14 for another author reading of Atheist Voices of Minnesota. Three of the book authors will read their essays during the Sunday morning service. The featured authors are Robin Raianiemi, Jill Carlson and James Zimmerman. The public is welcome. There will be a brief Q&A during the service after the readers present. Show up a little bit early to ensure you get a seat; overflow seating is available in the entryway. A simple meal will be served after the talk for a free will donation.

This will be another great opportunity to  promote Atheist Voices of Minnesota and the Minnesota Atheists organization. All net proceeds from the sale of Atheist Voices of Minnesota go directly to Minnesota Atheists.

Maybe readings aren’t really your thing? Then consider saving the evening of Wednesday, October 24 to join us at Mayday Books on the West Bank in Minneapolis.

Located in the exciting West Bank community in Minneapolis, Mayday Books is a volunteer collective dedicated to selling left-wing literature  –  activist, labor, progressive, populist, anarchist, green, socialist, Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, Maoist, radical, feminist, African-American, Latino, GLBT, community-oriented, survivalist, Do-It-Yourself (DIY), conspiracy analyst; rock and roll music — and providing a space for political education and camaraderie. We are a non-profit organization with a progressive educational mission, independent of the corporate fat cats who run the country and control the media.

Got to love a place with the slogan “Not making a profit since 1975.”

This event will be a panel discussion on atheism informs political activism. George Kane will moderate the discussion. Kim Socha, Greg Laden, and I, with others who have not yet been announced, will comprise the panel.

More Author Events
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    It’s just been announced:

    “Atheism and Political Activism” discussion at Mayday books in Minneapolis.

    Join us for a discussion on how atheism informs political views and activism. A panel of Atheist Voices of Minnesota authors will give their views, and then the discussion will be open to audience members. Panelists include Greg Laden, Stephanie Zvan, Kim Socha, MA Melby, and Ryan Bolin

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