Open Letter to Justin Vacula

JT speaks for me on this. Especially this part:

Almost immediately following my appointment with the Secular Coalition for America, I was the target of a campaign of lies, character attacks, and distortions.

And these were…?

I wrote that petition. I urged people to sign it. What lies are there? What in talking about your character is an “attack” rather than a description, Justin? What was distorted?

Be specific. I was.

Open Letter to Justin Vacula
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12 thoughts on “Open Letter to Justin Vacula

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    It should also be noted that Vacula complained of “whispering campaigns.” No subterfuge was involved. Everything was open and above board. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind (well, except for some slymepitters) as to what the specific objections to Vacula were.

  2. 4

    So…I was reading a blog post by Justin a few days ago (don’t judge me) where he was talking about how people can’t separate criticizing their ideas from criticizing them as people. Once again, we see the irony as he claimed personal attack when someone criticized his ideas and actions.

  3. 6

    I don’t know that anyone is saying that Vacula hasn’t done good things. As an example Bill Maher done some good things but he’s also done a lot of stupid stuff. I think most of us agree that we can criticize Maher and not want him near any leadership roles while still thinking he’s done some good things.

  4. 7

    John, I’ll have a whole lot more time for that when he stops telling people I lied and attacked him. They’re mostly annoying, but they still take some time to deal with.

  5. 9

    John W. Loftus #5

    I hope you and others can learn to value his contributions someday.

    Perhaps if Vacula can contribute something besides dislike for people who he disagrees with, he’ll have something which can be valued. But having read his resignation letter, I’m not holding my breath.

  6. 11

    There’s some people who are desperate for validation of their “value” to the point of ridiculousness, Loftus and Vacula being two peas in that particular pod.

  7. 12

    @10: no, he doesn’t. Vacula is vacuous. He contributes only his dislike of theists. Sometimes people are atheists for the wrong reasons. Sometimes they even exhibit passion for the cause and pick up some of the lingo of rational people. Vacula is one of those sometimes. He doesn’t contribute rational consideration of anything because he’s amply proven that he’s incapable of rational consideration.

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