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3 thoughts on “These Thanks Are for You

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    That was great, though hardly ‘interpretive’ dance. There was nary a discussion of whether or not certain addresses are near the In-N-Out Burger in the audience to be found.

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    Off-topic, so I’ve picked a quiet, older thread to post in:

    Stephanie, have you heard about Radiolab’s shameful treatment of a Hmong refugee living in the Twin Cities? There is an MPR commentary here, but they still get the scientific facts wrong.

    I’ve posted about it myself with a lot of hyperlinks. I see definite parallels between the “hyperskepticism” of certain atheists and that practiced by the Radiolab hosts. If you or anyone else want to write about it, you needn’t link to me, but I thought my post might be useful.

    (Please excuse any typos or bad HTML. When I hit “preview” all I’m getting is a ton of CSS.)

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