Is It Michele Bachmann's Year?

…to finally lose her congressional seat? It seems her abysmal showing as she ran for president, or her reputation for not showing up for House votes, or her inaccessibility to her constituents, or…well, let’s just say that she’s not polling so well.

Despite her national fan base and a massive war chest, Rep. Michele Bachmann may be in more danger than most suspect, with a new poll showing her lead diminished to just 2 points. Independent voters have swung against her by nearly 20 points in just two months, from a 4 percent advantage to a 15 point disadvantage. The internal poll, conducted by Democratic pollsters Greenberg Quinlan Rosner at the behest of Democrat Jim Graves’ campaign and shared with Salon, shows that Bachmann’s favorability rating has tumbled since their last survey in mid-June, and finds Graves gaining ground with independents as his name recognition grows.

Overall, the poll shows Bachmann leading Graves 48-46 percent, within the margin of error. The race has moved significantly among independents, with a 20-point net shift toward Graves, from a 41-45 percent disadvantage in June to a 52-37 percent lead now. Among independents, Bachmann’s favorability rating has slipped 4 points while her unfavorability rating has jumped 7 points. Overall, she’s viewed mostly negatively. Among all voters, 40 percent give her a positive job rating, while a sizable 57 percent give her a negative one, with a plurality of 35 percent giving the most negative answer possible — “poor.”

I don’t know what’s going on. It could even just be general disaffection over the obstructionist tactics of congressional Republicans. I don’t much care. There is a chance to remove someone with no connection to reality, not just from Congress, but from important House committees. It’s also a chance to replace her with someone who is, at the very least, not trying to turn our country into a theocracy.

You can donate here to Graves’ campaign (usual restrictions about being a U.S. citizen apply). Today is the last day for donations to help fund a television ad campaign, something that will reach “low information” voters when nothing else will.

It’s not my district, but I gave a little. My rep is safe, and Bachmann is decidedly not. I like this state of affairs. I’ll like it better if she goes.

Is It Michele Bachmann's Year?

7 thoughts on “Is It Michele Bachmann's Year?

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    Bachmann losing her seat in Congress would be great. Unfortunately, it would do nothing to reduce the overall wingnuttiness of the legislative branch. Republican Ted Cruz from Texas is almost certain to win his race for the Senate, and he’s possibly as unhinged as Bachmann.

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    This is one of the things I don’t get about politics. I know (as Mitt Romney so elegantly said) that there are about 45% of people who will vote for whoever the Republican candidate is, and it doesn’t matter how irrational, dishonest, bigoted or unpleasant they are, but how did Bachman ever have any lead with independents?

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    When I moved here and found out I was one district away from Michele Bachmann, I didn’t know whether to be happy that I didn’t have to admit that she represents my district, or sad that I couldn’t vote against her. Since my lease is up at the end of the month, I could move to her district and get the best of both worlds!

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    Loqi – until the recent redistricting, I have had the privilege of voting against Ms. Bachmann. Trust me when I tell you that the constant embarrassment of having to admit she is your representative is far greater than the fleeting joy of marking your ballet for “anyone but her.”

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    Thanks for this post. May this contribution be more effective than my anti-Scott Walker contribution…My college roommate and her wife live in Bachmann’s district. It makes me grind my teeth every time I think about it.

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