Travel Grants for Skepticon!

If you’ve been very sharp-sighted the last couple of days, you may have noticed something new in the sidebar here. It’s a widget for Secular Woman’s travel grant program. They’re looking to put travel to Skepticon within reach for at least ten women who would otherwise not be able to attend.

Eligibility requirements for receiving the grants are on the Secular Woman website. To indicate your interest in receiving one, simply check off your interest in receiving financial aid for travel on the Skepticon registration page. Admission to the conference itself is free, which makes the grants go even further.

You are planning to register for Skepticon, right? You’ve seen the list of speakers? You know that more interesting people are working to put workshops together (hint, hint)? Trust me, you’ll want to be there.

For now, though, contribute to the widget if you’ve got a few bucks to spare. As Onion Girl mentioned recently, it’s a nice way of making yourself feel a little better in the face of all the nasty trolling we’ve seen recently. There’s nothing like making a difference to make the ridiculous people look all the more ridiculous.

Travel Grants for Skepticon!
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3 thoughts on “Travel Grants for Skepticon!

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    Thanks for continuing to kick sexist ass and yes, I donated something. But the site is very poorly designed and if, like me, you dont have a US address, you can’t donate. I mangled my address but think that the money will get through.

  2. 2

    Miraxpath – Which country in particular? It looks to me like they’re trying to accept non-US addresses… Unless they’ve done drastic remodeling of it in the past few hours since you posted, the way it is currently, there is a long list of countries to choose from, and when you select a country the ‘state’ list even changes to include the states/provinces/whatever divisions of the selected country (most of the time; some smaller countries don’t have a state list, and I don’t know whether or not the form would accept submission if you’re from a country with no states to choose from).

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    The state list didnt work once I typed in my Singapore address (as I expected) and the website refused to proceed with the donation unless the state list option was filled in. I tried to work around that hiccup several times, sending an email to the organisers as well. Finally, losing patience I typed in my local address but chose US for the country and Alabama for the state option. The donation went through as I have a receipt for it in my mailbox now.

    I had a similar difficulty when trying to buy tickets on Delta recently where the site demanded a US zipcode even when I filled in a non-US address. Drove me up the wall!

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