Atheists Talk: Matt McCormick on "Atheism and the Case Against Christ"

This show was rescheduled from July.

Can we prove atheism? Can we prove that no god exists? According to one school of thought, the answer is “No”, because we can’t absolutely prove a negative. Philosopher Matthew McCormick, however, considers this standard to be unrealistic. It isn’t the standard we apply for any other question that influences how we live our lives. Why should we treat it as the standard for accepting atheism?

In his soon-to-be-released book, McCormick lays out the case for atheism along multiple lines of argument. From the publisher’s description:

Is the evidence about Jesus as it has been relayed to us over the centuries of sufficient quantity and quality to justify belief in the resurrection? How can we accept the resurrection but reject magic at the Salem witch trials? What light does contemporary research about human rationality from the fields of behavioral economics, empirical psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy shed on the resurrection and religious belief? Can we use contemporary research about the reliability of people’s beliefs in the supernatural, miracles, and the paranormal to shed light on the origins of Christianity and other religions? Does it make sense that the all-powerful creator of the universe would employ miracles to achieve his ends? Can a Christian believe by faith alone and yet reasonably deny the supernatural claims of other religions? Do the arguments against Christianity support atheism?

This Sunday, Matt McCormick joins us on air to discuss his book.

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Atheists Talk: Matt McCormick on "Atheism and the Case Against Christ"

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    The standard responses like “I haven’t seen convincing evidence so far” or “I don’t believe in fairies either” sound a bit defensive, like specifically phrased to avoid being acussed of things. I think that if religion had as little power in culture as UFOs or ghosts, we wouldn’t be so coy with the God question.

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