A Date With the Authors

I mentioned a little while ago that I’m featured in a new anthology called Atheist Voices of Minnesota. As I said then, I think this is an important book, though that’s definitely not because I’m in it.

Why? Because much of the value of the book comes from hearing from people who aren’t the “normal” faces and voices of atheism.

Who do you hear from instead? This book collects 36 essays from people whose commonalities are limited to having a connection to Minnesota. Many of the people in the book come from somewhere other than Minnesota, and they can compare how different parts of our world see atheism.

This Sunday, at the Minnesota Atheists monthly meeting at the Southdale Library in Edina, you’ll get to hear from a large number of the people who make this an important book.

To celebrate this very special occasion, 16 of the 36 contributors will briefly present their own personal stories by reading excerpts of their writings from the book.

Here is a list of the 16 presenting authors in alphabetical order: Norman Barrett Wiik, Beth Becker, Ryan Benson, August Berkshire, Jill Carlson, Justin Chase, Kori Hennessy, Michelle Huber, Eric Jayne, PZ Myers, Robin Raianiemi, Elizabeth Stiras, Todd Torkelson, James Zimmerman, and Stephanie Zvan.

The bulk of the time will be dedicated to authors reading portions of their essays. Other contributors, though not reading, will be present to talk about their pieces after the meeting and to sign copies. Atheist Voices of Minnesotawill be available for purchase. All proceeds benefit Minnesota Atheists, with the majority of the funds going to support the radio fund.

Afterward, we will venture to Q. Cumbers Restaurant for dinner.

If you’ve got a little time this weekend, come on out and hear us.

A Date With the Authors

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    do you seriously have to do this during my basement renovation?! (or, more likely, the foundation repair of my house!!!)

    Congrats to you, I am happy for you and proud of you – I hope this goes just swimmingly!!! This looks like a great event, and I hope you have a great time!!!

    I have said this before to Greg (our playwrite friend) and I will say it to you now – it’s always fabulous when people you know will do great things some day….just keep right on doing great things. HUGS!!

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