Atheists Talk: Teresa MacBain

Former pastor Teresa MacBain doesn’t appear to have ever done anything the easy way. When she felt called to preach, she had to leave her preacher father’s conservative denomination, which would not allow a woman to preach, and publicly profess values he preached. She became a pastor in a denomination that nominally welcomed women in the priesthood but did not actually support them.

Then MacBain began to have doubts. Instead of taking the simpler route of denying them, she attempted to reconcile her faith with the contradictory religion in front of her. When her searching led her to atheism, she didn’t hide this from herself. Eventually, she chose not to hide it from others, even though leaving her church meant leaving behind many of the programs she had set up to pursue her passion for social justice.

Nor did MacBain come out quietly, allowing friends and family to adjust before she had to deal with her whole world knowing she was an atheist. She came out on stage this June at the American Atheists national convention, with substantial press coverage. And finally, after leaving preaching behind, MacBain has taken on the task of public relations for one of the most hated atheist organizations in the U.S.

Join us this Sunday as we talk to Teresa MacBain about her remarkable–but never easy–journey and what lies ahead for her.

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Atheists Talk: Teresa MacBain