Women in Secularism 2 Registration Now Open

An awful lot of people were sorry to have missed the Women in Secularism conference last year. They couldn’t afford to go after the Reason Rally. They didn’t know the conference was welcoming to men. They didn’t find out in time to make it a priority. Whatever the reason, they didn’t go.

If you were one of those people, you’ve got another chance. Registration for Women in Secularism 2 just opened today. It’s May 17-19, 2013, once again in D.C. And just look at that list of speakers:

Lauren Becker   educator, organizer, vice president & director of CFI Outreach

Ophelia Benson   author, editor, commentator, Butterflies & Wheels

Jamila Bey   author, editor, journalist

Soraya Chemaly   writer, activist

Greta Christina   writer, blogger, Greta Christina’s Blog

R. Elisabeth Cornwell   evolutionary psychologist, executive director of Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science US

Vykie Garrison   creator of No Longer Quivering

Debbie Goddard   activist, organizer, director of CFI On Campus and African Americans for Humanism

Adriana Heguy   biologist

Melody Hensley   executive director of CFI–Washington, DC, organizer, Women in Secularism

Teresa MacBain   public relations director, American Atheists

Amanda Marcotte   author, journalist, executive editor, Pandagon

Katha Pollitt   essayist, critic, poet

Edwina Rogers   executive director of the Secular Coalition for America

Amy Davis Roth   artist, blogger, skepchick.org

Desiree Schell   activist, podcast host, Skeptically Speaking

Shelley Segal   singer, songwriter

Rebecca Watson   cohost of Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, creator of skepchick.org

Stephanie Zvan   blogger, Almost Diamonds, radio host, Atheists Talk

Huh. Lookit that. Yes, I’ll be on one panel and moderating another next year. That means you won’t get the full benefit of my live-tweeting all the sessions, so you’d best see it in person.

Prices are discounted through March 15 of next year, but I wouldn’t wait that long. It won’t surprise me at all if registration is full this year.

Women in Secularism 2 Registration Now Open

4 thoughts on “Women in Secularism 2 Registration Now Open

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    Sweet. I am so psyched for this. WiS1 was phenomenal I can hardly wait for WiS2.

    As I side note: I started reading this blog after WiS1. I sat at the same table as you, Skatje Myers, Lauren Becker, and others (I’m not good with names) for dinner/reading by Jennifer Hecht. I would have been the one with the beard. I mostly lurk around the blog but I wanted to express my excitement for this con. It’s going to be awesome (again).

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