Just Five Questions

When someone asks you to be on their podcast, listen to it first. That way, you’re prepared for any little quirks the hosts may through your way. Of course, this won’t help you if you’re recording a brand new podcast, like the one run by my old college friend, Tim Wick.

Tim is the programming contact for the SkepchickCon track at CONvergence. He’s also one of the contributors to Atheist Voices of Minnesota (as well as one of the people I refer to in my essay there). A couple of weeks before the convention, he started soliciting guests for a brand new podcast, Geeks Without God. I introduced him to Jason via Twitter, since Jason is one of the geekiest people I know.

Somehow, by the time CONvergence rolled around, I was also going to be on the same episode. Apparently Tim decided I qualify as a geek. Or he liked my live-tweeting of the ancient aliens debate. Or something. Anyway, I ended up recording what was going to be a half hour on the debate with Tim and Jason and Molly and Nick. With concrud and half a voice.

Except, when we got just over 20 minutes in, they said something like, “Oh, so we should have mentioned that we have questions. You know, like James Lipton. We ask all our guests.”


I know Tim. I don’t know Molly or Nick, but I know their work. Questions, they say.


So I answered those, and Jason answered those, and we both survived. And, a month and a half later, we have a podcast about aliens and cheeseburgers. Finally.

As much as I tease, Tim, Nick, and Molly are putting together a good podcast. They’re up to six episodes now, which is why it’s taken a month and a half to release ours. The talk about the debate is no less funny. I haven’t changed my mind about what you need to watch next. You just have five more episodes to enjoy before ours, including the one with Rebecca Watson. Yes, these folks know the power of controversy.

Check them out. Review them on iTune. Read the blog. You can even participate in the podcast. And you? You, they’ll give the five questions ahead of time. Bastards.

Just Five Questions

4 thoughts on “Just Five Questions

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    Heh, we are bastards, it’s true, but this might be a case of Hanlon’s razor (Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity, or in our case, sleep deprivation and having a brand-new podcast).

    Thanks for being one of our first guests, we had a lot of fun, and I think it’s a really enjoyable (and funny) episode!

  2. 3

    I had a blast with the whole process, Nick. I can’t imagine how that would have gone–at CONvergence–without people who were used to pulling shows together out of next to nothing. ­čÖé

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