It's Indecent All Right

No, not Sarah Silverman’s new political video.

That’s just funny. At least as long as I don’t think about it actually happening.

No, the obscene part is the $100 million that Sheldon Adelson is pledging to give to Romney to make sure Obama is defeated in this election. Why is it obscene? Because it’s using what appears to be the money obtained by buying out the political process overseas in order to do the same here. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go read up. Now that is obscene.

It's Indecent All Right
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10 thoughts on “It's Indecent All Right

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    The notion that an election can be bought has been challenged (In my eyes successfully). For me the obscenity lies in the fact that incumbents still feel beholden to contributors and will kowtow to them.

  2. 2

    It’s funny that there is a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act but no domestic one. You can give any amount of money to anyone and that is protected by your First Amendment rights.

    The best way for Adelman to solve his foreign bribery problem is to pay Congress to change the law. After all, why would Jesus give him all that money if He didn’t want him to do good with it?

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