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12 thoughts on “Just in Time

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    He’s still doing them? That’s awesome.

    My son had to do stories to go along with vocabulary words when he was in 4th grade, and one time he had something like “ebullient”. He chose to write about Dancing Matt. 🙂

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    That was surprisingly tear-inducing.

    Well, maybe not, if you know me.

    Initially, I was saddened by Damascus, Syria–my first thought was “the women there felt so threatened they had to have their identities blurred out”… by the end, my much more optimistic thought was that the Syrian women felt the Syrian equivalent of “fuck this, I’m dancing, and we can just blur out my identity!”

    Here’s to the women of Damascus! (and here’s to Matt)

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    @Illuminata — I know, I’ve been looking high and low for Gracie (‘cuz a kitty-snuggle would be awesome right about now) and I can’t find her. 🙁

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