4 thoughts on “Now With Added Pony

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    SO, slightly OT, but I’m a big fan of the Canadian indie music scene and while browsing for info on one of my favourite up and coming bands, “Hey Ocean” I kept running into references to something called “Bronies” and “MLP”.

    Turns out the voice of your pony belongs to the incredible, multi talented singer, songwriter, musician Ahsleigh Ball. Good choice!

    I should also say although I don’t go to conferences or belong to any skeptical/secularist/atheist/humanist organizations and don’t really have a part in the current furor, for what it’s worth I am deeply impressed with your courage and persistence in standing up for yourself and your colleagues the way you have here. Be proud; you earned that Pony…

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    These creations by embertine totally fit in with the custom ponythoughtblogs.com theme that Jason devised back in March for release alongside the great April Fool’s Day circular firing squad joke. (Thinks wistfully back to April…) I am totally loving the series of Feminist, Freethought Horsewomen.

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