How It Is Pronounced

There is an excellent chance you’ve already seen this video elsewhere on FreethoughtBlogs. I post it here as well, because you may not have seen it but still want to know how a bunch of us here talk about this when we get together. There is also one thing I’d like to draw your attention to.

A number of people have been mispronouncing my name lately on the radio and in Google+ hangouts and the like. They’ve been doing this despite me doing a radio show on which I introduce myself approximately every other week.

Now, I’m used to this. People who hear the radio show regularly still mispronounce my name. Still, if you want to know how it’s done, let this discussion be your guide.

Just make sure you pay attention to how I pronounce it, not how that Meyers guy does.

How It Is Pronounced
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19 thoughts on “How It Is Pronounced

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    Hm, thanks. I was pronouncing it as though Dracula were trying to say the word “swan.” (Also I thought Dan Fincke’s E was silent.) The things you learn from audio!

  2. 16

    The schwa is introduced mostly because it’s not comfortable for primarily English-speaking mouths to hold the Z all the way to the V. It’s come by honestly, though, since the name is a “corruption” of le vin. There are other versions of the name that are spelled Zevan.

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