Atheists Talk: Richard Fortey on Evolution's Survivors

“Living fossil” is a term that might well have been calculated to drive evolutionary biologists insane. Evolution has stopped for no organism on Earth–except those that have gone extinct. However, some plants and animals have proved resilient enough that they still live on our planet in roughly the same forms they wore millions of years ago.

Richard Fortey is a distinguished writer and a BBC presenter. He is also a palaeontologist who is fascinated by the idea of seeing ancient history in our modern world. His latest book, Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms: The Story of the Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind (in the UK, Survivors: The Animals and Plants That Time Has Left Behind) details and communicates that fascination, as does the BBC series Survivors: Nature’s Indestructible Creatures, which Fortey presented.

This Sunday, join us on Atheists Talk as Richard Fortey shares that fascination with us.

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Atheists Talk: Richard Fortey on Evolution's Survivors
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    Begin Rant
    And another thing….. What’s that with “more evolved” or “less evolved?” More/less complex, More/less unchanged, OK I can deal. But THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MORE EVOLVED. Each one of us has exactly the same length of an unbroken line of ancestors which stretches about 10^17 seconds back. And we’re all pretty different from the first replicator.
    More evolved? Bah!
    End Rant

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