“Christ” Is What I Call My Biceps

FreethoughtBlogs has a new sponsor popping up in the sidebar, Not of This World Clothing. No, I’m not going to link to it. It will be gone soon, as we try to get rid of ads that don’t actually offer our audience anything they may want.

Their tagline is “Bold Christian clothing.” I haven’t managed to work out yet what they mean by “bold.” It’s either a reference to their t-shirts having oversized graphics or their persecution complex in action. Because, you know, it takes so much bravery to come out as a worshipper of Christ in our Christian Nation®. Or something.

Whatever they mean by it, apparently Bold Christian men look like washed and pressed skatepunks, and Bold Christian women wear hearts in bright colors. Well, they do if they’re not planning to be strong. If they are, time to wash them out.

Rosie: I Can Do All Things Through Christ!

Yes, Rosie, pastels really work on you. So does pretending none of your strength is your own. Good look you got going there. I bet it’ll get all the Bold Christian boys.


“Christ” Is What I Call My Biceps

10 thoughts on ““Christ” Is What I Call My Biceps

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    So does pretending none of your strength is your own.

    -Years ago, shortly after I rejected belief in any higher powers, I would feel sad for musicians, singers, or actors during awards ceremonies. Upon receiving an award, so many of them immediately thanked god. My response was “you do yourself a disservice by thanking a non existent entity. Thank your parents. Thank your coach and your sister. Thank your record label. Thank any actual entity. Don’t thank the imaginary man in the sky.”

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