Minneapolis FtB Meetup

As long as we have Jason in town for another week, and Greg is mostly between the holiday obligations that come of marrying into a very social family, it’s time to take advantage of having a bunch of us in the same place at once.

So this Friday (December 2) at 5:30, we’ll be at Bar Abilene in Uptown, along with Ben and Jodi and, if we’re really lucky, Amanda and the hyper-cool Huxley. Join us for dinner or a little later for drinks. I recommend the cherry margarita and the guacamole prepared fresh at the table, but everything is good.

It is a Friday evening, so please let us know if you’ll be there. We’d hate to run out of seats. Leave a comment or drop one of us a line to let us know when you plan to show up.

Parking on the street requires the willingness to walk a few blocks or an undependable degree of serendipity, but there is a lot behind the restaurant on Fremont that’s fairly reasonable.

I hope to see you Friday!

Minneapolis FtB Meetup

14 thoughts on “Minneapolis FtB Meetup

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    If you aim for two or three blocks north of the restaurant and park on the street thereabouts, oh Humbolt or Irving north of The Mall, and you’ll have a very nice walk though a pretty neighborhood. (or park to the south as well,though for some reason I never do that). You can also combine this visit with shopping at your favorite used book store or visiting some other venue on or near the corner of Lake, Lagoon and Hennepin, where there is a substantial parking ramp next to the Calhoon Square building, then its a nice walk.

  2. 2

    The timing is terrible, I’m afraid. I’m three hours away, Mary doesn’t get home until 6. If you were doing something on Saturday, maybe we could do it…

  3. 4

    PZ: Bah, that’s a shame. There’s a book launch party on Saturday for Kelly McCullough’s new book, and we’re hoping to get out to see them, so Saturday’s unfortunately out, unless you happen to want to crash Kelly’s. Then Jodi and I leave on Sunday.

    Would have been nice to see you in person before I left, to receive our new marching orders directly from our atheistic commander!

  4. 6

    That’s it. We’re going to have to pack up and move the whole thing to [Juniper’s city].

    Seriously, though. I do need to make time to get down there one of these days.

  5. 9

    It’s a mere 2,628 kms (1,633 mi) from my place to the bar. If I leave tomorrow after work and drive straight through for 26 hours, I might just make it in time for dinner.

    Of course, everybody would then be wondering who the heck the weird guy at the end of the table is, and I wouldn’t want to make anybody uncomfortable. Another time, perhaps?

  6. 12

    Alright this is late notice, but if there is still room I plan on dropping by around 6:30 and meeting some new people, getting to know some people I already know better, and enjoying a tasty malt beverage.

  7. 14

    Well, we’re here, and the combination of alcohol and smartphone Twitter clients is having interesting consequences. For the record, none of the stuff being tweeted from this gathering came from me. I swear.

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