Thank You

Jason reminds me that I am remiss. Three more teachers have posted letters thanking you for contributing to Donors Choose during the challenge last month.

From Ms. Farless, whose Reading Is a Discount Ticket to Anywhere project we funded in the last two days it was open:

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for your generous donations to my classroom library project. I have seen so many lives positively changed, simply by a a child picking up the right book. This is especially true of children living in poverty situations…sometimes a book can be not only a tool to further a student’s education…but an escape as well. Your dedication to education will be realized by these students…our future doctors, lawyers, teachers, and leaders. Again, thank you for investing in my project…and the future.

From Mrs. Richardson, whose project was Perfectly Balanced:

Thank you for your generous gift to support my science classroom. The balances and hot plate will be used often throughout the year, as well as for years to come. Hands-on learning is the best way to understand science. These tools will allow my students to experience science experiments first-hand. Student written reflections are so much more detailed and memorable after active learning.

We appreciate your thoughtfulness!

And from Mr. Richesin, whose project was Native American History and Culture:

Thank you so much for remembering my students.

Sadly, in most schools in the U.S. the study of Native American history is a footnote. Some reference may be made to the “Indian wars,” but the fully impact of Native Americans on the culture of our nation is rarely examined.

My students are Native Alaskan students who live in a rural Alaska fishing village. They are enrolled in an alternative program in our school because they had failed and/or dropped out of school. The alternative program is an opportunity to give my students a second chance to return to school and complete their high school requirements. It is hoped by studying Native American history, my students will get the opportunity to examine their own culture. As they become proud of their own culture, it is hoped that they will rediscover a pride in themselves and recover an enthusiasm about school.

Thank you all from me as well.

Thank You
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