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    “Gentlemen, get the thing straight once and for all– the policeman isn’t there to create disorder, the policeman is there to preserve disorder.”

    –Richard J. Daley, Mayor of Chicago, 1968

    I’m old enough to remember 1968, and I really don’t enjoy the flashbacks.

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    The police aren’t the cause looting and violence, and society does have the right to uphold the law.

    1)I am not aware of any looting going on at these rallies.

    2)The police almost always escalate the situation to a level it hadn’t reached before. And yes, violence is how they disperse large groups and reestablish order.

    3)Uphold the law? That’s honestly what you think is going on.

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    julian, Im sorry if I made my post overly simplistic. The point about looting and violence was that there definitely are situations where riot gear is legitimately necessary and violence had already gotten out of control before the police showed up. That was the main reason I took exception to the post and following comments; the image that the mean ‘ol police are always beating on the innocent little protesters. Still, with regards to OWS, saying the police escalate the situation is like saying I escalate the situation when I tell my 2 yr old she has to stop eating candy. Sure she’d be more peaceful if I politely asked her over and over, but we all know its not going to happen until I take it all away. I protesters refuse to stop breaking a law, then they need to be arrested, and more power to the police if they chose to wear protective equipment.

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    actuallyserious650, the appropriate analogy would be you grabbing a paddle and carrying it with you every time you felt you needed to tell your two-year-old something. Except, of course, that the police have used their non-protective equipment (also quite visible in the picture) on several occasions.

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    Oh, do consider growing up. It’s bracing.

    Besides, I’m sure you’re the brand of ingrate who’d go screeching to the police demanding an immediate response if someone frightened you or stole your favorite pricey electronic . . . whatevers.

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    Actually, a few weeks ago our car was broken into. We filed a police report online like any other grown-ups. No screeching involved. We didn’t have to throw away the Constitution to do it either.

    What I actually am is the sort of person who knows enough good cops to know that protecting and serving can be done without assaulting people peaceably exercising their civil rights.

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