Time Is Running Out

The last project I posted for Donors Choice was funded in one day thanks to my readers. This one is going to be harder. From Brookland High School in Brookland, AR:

Reading Is a Discount Ticket to Anywhere

I require my students to read four books each grading quarter, and often times the books in our High School Library are above the students’ reading levels or are so dated as to be of little interest to my students. As I build a diverse classroom library that will entice students to read, I would like to expand that by providing books from genres that I know are of high interest to my students: realistic fiction and suspense. Diverse selections of young adult fiction will allow my students to gain confidence in their reading skills as they self-select books that are both interesting to them, as well as varying reading ability levels. Offering such a variety of select titles will encourage students to expand their book choices, and ultimately their love for reading.

Reading provides the frameworks for success in every field. Strong readers will ultimately be strong writers, strong in other subject areas, and strong thinkers. Without reading, a child can expect little success in life, as these skills are needed from everything to reading directions to enjoying a novel. Self-selected literature is the way to garner student interest in reading.

This teacher is putting together a library of paperbacks, pulp fiction that her students will enjoy reading and which will introduce them to a wide variety of perspectives. There are only two days left on this challenge and $520 dollars left to go. That won’t be easy, but I think we can do it.

Yes, I said, “we.” I will match 50% of the donations to this project, up to $150 on my part. That won’t get us quite all the way there, but it will get us very close, making it more likely that other people will also donate to this project.

Beyond my 50% match, the Donors Choose team is also matching contributions for the last few days of the challenge. Donate now, and after Saturday, you’ll receive a Donors Choice gift card to assign to another project of your choosing. Between them and me, your donations will be worth two and a half times what you contribute.

So, please, won’t you help out with even a very small donation right now?

Time Is Running Out
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2 thoughts on “Time Is Running Out

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    I put in a little bit of money, but as I grew up for a time in Arkansas in a rather closed minded school I am very happy to do my part in getting kids an opportunity to be intellectually free.

    Also, as an aside, I really like your blog and am glad that I got to see it when you moved over to Freethoughtblogs!

    -A consistent reader, rare poster

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