Saturday Storytime: Here Be Monsters

Usually, Saturday Storytime is a way of making sure I stop to read some fiction every now and again, no matter how busy I get. Today is a little bit different. This one, I wrote. In fact, this is my first published story.

“You good, Doc?”

“Oh, yes.” Andrews gave a little wriggle of anticipation.

Karee swallowed. No getting used to that. “Good night, then.”

With the last of the inmates ‘shelved and synched’, she signed out using her passkey. Her ward was quiet, with the exception of the occasional low moan. Time to leave her charges to the night staff and rejoin society.

There was no good reason to wash her hands at the end of her shift, but she always did. Her face too. The cool evening breeze found the spots around her ears she hadn’t quite dried. She shivered but felt much lighter than she had inside.

Then she saw the sign through the fence. Poster paper on a broom handle, it said simply: Here be monsters. It must be Thursday.

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Saturday Storytime: Here Be Monsters

3 thoughts on “Saturday Storytime: Here Be Monsters

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    Congratulations! I’ve just read your story again and it’s going to be percolating in my mind for a while. What an eloguent way to raise important issues of ethics techno/bio/social/political. Thank you.

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    Read it once, got to the end, blinked, then went back and read it again. I am in awe of your ability to say so much with so few words.

    Congratulations – it’s well-deserved recognition.

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