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5 thoughts on “Tongue-Clucking Grammarian

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    Critiquing someone’s poor writing is a no-win situation unless you’re a teacher.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to respect a cretin or his opinion. You can tell a cretin that his inability to write shows that his view is a worthless as he is, without resorting to correcting it. It can also be an opportunity to ridicule them:

    Cretin: “your a moron”
    You: “Are you telling me that your my moron, that you belong to me? I don’t want you.”

    Or to ridicule their views even when spelt correctly:

    Cretin: “In christ” (as a closing to a post or email)
    Me: “So you’re still fucking the corpse?”

    The morons who cannot spell correctly can be “grammar nazis” as much as anyone. I’ve lost count of how many idiots try to “correct” me for words like spelt, dreamt, colour, grey, centre and or using phrases like “I haven’t any” instead of “I don’t have any”. I’m not being “high brow”, that’s how I was educated.


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