The Comic-Con Kiss

For the slash fans out there who have been waiting for their Tenth Doctor/Captain Jack moment and been afraid it was never going to happen, I give you footage from Comic-Con.

0:45 Davies enters, introductions
2:45 Tennant starts talking in his lovely burr
4:50 Tennant turns the mic over to Barrowman, kiss follows shortly

The Comic-Con Kiss

9 thoughts on “The Comic-Con Kiss

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    Aww, that was so cute, I love them both.Jason and I just watched Children of Earth last night (all 5 in a marathon woot) and it was great! I hope they keep Torchwood going, but I'm left a bit confused after watching the final episode.

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    That was just awesome…I am quite fond of Barrowman – especially after learning he was dissed as Will, for not being queer enough. And I absolutely adore Jack Harkness – Just way too much fun for words.And honestly, not even being interested in the boys, I would probably swoon a bit if Tennant kissed me

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    I admit I probably would swoon too.Poor Davies, everyone swoons over Tennant and Barrowman but nobody swoons over him (who surprised me with how much taller he was than Tennant, and stockier than Barrowman). Oh well, at least one audience member shouted "I love you Russell!"

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    Tennant doesn't even have to kiss me to get me to swoon. He can just talk for a while. I'm very much going to miss the Tenth Doctor, even if they don't share an accent. I love Barrowman's complete lack of filters too.LostMarbles, you must see the Torchwood miniseries that just became available here. It's still Torchwood, but it goes beyond what it's always been to be really good too. More than just fun. Excellent TV.

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    I haven't managed to actually care about Torchwood ever since they killed off Tosh and Owen leaving the show with too many characters that annoyed the hell out of me, but I might check Children of Earth out.

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