The Full Proposal Trail

Due to WordPress issues this morning, a couple of links got crushed out of the conspiracy that was Jodi’s proposal to Jason. Here’s the full list:

Almost Diamonds
Relatively Unrelated
FreeDOS blog at Source Forge
Greg Laden’s Blog
Whitecoat Underground
Traumatized By Truth
My Fair Scientist
A Blog Around the Clock

Some additional words to, from and about the newly engaged:

Jodi and Jason–Pharyngula
Marriage: Why and how? And an Update on Jason and Jodi–Greg Laden’s Blog
Happy for Jason–Tangled Up in Blue Guy
There’s something weird on the internet–Lousy Canuck
Happy monkey! (a poll)–Lousy Canuck
The ring, my precioussss!–Lousy Canuck
Seriously, these Damned Canadians!!!1!11!!!1!–Traumatized By Truth
The internets get crazier every day–CyberLizard’s Collection
True romance–Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub
Regarding Jason’s Impending Nuptials–Anthroslug
The second geekiest wedding proposal ever–NotKieran
PalCast #12—finally–White Coat Underground
Blogtrothed–Bad Astronomy
For the Geeks out there–Neurotopia

Much thanks to everyone who made this work.

Update: I’ve added a few more well wishes above. Let me know if I’ve missed any.

The Full Proposal Trail

4 thoughts on “The Full Proposal Trail

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    Gigantic thanks go to you, Stephanie. Seriously, wow. I had no idea as to the amount of planning and coordination on your part, til Jodi told me.I feel bad for Dan, his linking in of an OSS mover slash shaker like Jim Hall would have been even more mind-boggling than it already was.

  2. 2

    *squeeee* (squeees carrying over from blog to blog to blog)That was amazingly well coordinated on your part!I'm running out of things to say now though lol other than more squeeeing.Also, I'm impressed to see some discussions starting up about the meaning of marriage and such.Too cool.

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