I did something odd this weekend. I saw a friend’s book for sale, and I didn’t buy it. Not because I didn’t want it. Not because I didn’t want to port it home 250+ miles. Certainly not because I couldn’t afford it.

I was being nice.

It wasn’t officially out yet, and there were only a few copies. Besides, I can get a copy signed any time I want, more or less, and most of the people at WisCon only had access to Kelly for the weekend.

Today, however, MythOS by Kelly McCullough is officially out, and everyone can grab a copy of their own. I highly recommend it and not just because Kelly’s one of my best friends or because I had some tiny little influence on the final product. I recommend it because Kelly is one of the few writers I’ve read who can write a romp with serious thematic elements. I have to point them out to him sometimes, but they’re there, and neither they nor the wild ride of a story are compromised by fitting both in.

Don’t let yourself be put off by the “Book 4 of 5” in the promotions. MythOS takes Ravirn and Melchior out of their normal Greek milleiu and drops them somewhere rather different. There’s plenty of time to get your bearings as they get theirs. In fact, you may find Loki and Fenris more familiar than they do…sort of. The hand of Tyr, however, will surprise you, no matter how well you know your Norse myths.

You can check out the first chapter on Kelly’s site, and there’s an interview of sorts with him at SFNovelists, where you can find out what kind of character he is. Or you can just go pick up the book. It’s worth it, I promise.

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6 thoughts on “MythOS

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    YOU HAVE A FRAKKIN KINDLE!!!!11!! I am soo very jealous…Not really – I mean I really, really want one, but I’m glad that at least you have one…Unless it sucks. It doesn’t suck does it?I will check out the book when I have the monies or the library gets it…Neither is workable at the moment…

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    Actually, it was Kelly’s link from his site, and he doesn’t seem to have used an associate’s link either.DuWayne, your library also probably has the first three books and may have a wait list for this one. If they do, WebMage is the first and certainly not a bad place to start.

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    My reading list is growing exponentially. Maybe I should get around to digging into a book now and then. Last one I read was The Truth (With Jokes) around the Christmas holidays.Inquiring minds demand more information about Greg’s Kindle. I just want a geeky opinion or two before I decide whether or not I buy one. I have a Nokia 770 Internet Tablet that I was using as a book reader, but it’s a bit of an eye strain at 800×480.

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