May I Just Say…Arrgh!

Thankfully, though, there’s a company out there brave enough to tackle the differences between girls and boys—more specifically, the difference between the way boys play Ouija and the way girls play Ouija. Because when men are pretending to contact the dead, they’re all like, “Is there a ghost here?” while women are all like, “Who in this room is jealous of me?” Am I right?

According to Hasbro, yes. Behold Ouija For Girls:

And it gets worse. Seriously.

Thanks (sort of) to Ben.

May I Just Say…Arrgh!
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7 thoughts on “May I Just Say…Arrgh!

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    Ok, the actual board is depressing, but the fucking post you linked to is great fun. Sounded exactly like one of my clients in Portland who hired me to manage some renovations on their house, with her (mostly) and her retired husband (occasionally) as the crew. She had a thing about the peptobismal paints – a not very nice thing…

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    Pink & purple. Wow. I always remember that episode of "Little House on the Prairie" when the blind girl asked what colour they painted the barn. Pink and purple. She was happy she couldn't see it.Yucky and cliche, a double threat.

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    I think you people need to examine your assumptions. You are assuming that the different style spirit contraptions are designed with the mortal user’s sensibilities in mind. It may well be that these different designs matter more to the ghostly spirit being contacted. You mortals are so self-centered.

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    What has pink done to deserve this kind of abuse? I should know better than to expect justice in the world, but a perfectly innocent color?

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