The Best Love Songs

…are the ones that look beyond the first blush.

I used to think I didn’t like love songs, that they were all kind of banal and repetitive. Cute, but not very interesting. Then I discovered it was a Tolstoy problem [pointless Anna Karenina reference]. It was only the perfectly happy, love-makes-the-world-perfect love songs that I didn’t like. Luckily, they’re not all like that.

The Ship Song

…and the passing of my youth seems like a new beginning.

Inspired by Scicurious, who wrote about “The most annoying love song ever written.”

The Best Love Songs

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    I love “Ship Song.” Unfortunately, the other is no longer available. If I can manage to get my computer to cooperate and my uploading/embedding/figuring out how the hell it all works, I’ll upload my own best love song, from (crap I’m aging) twelve years ago. Just keep in mind that it’s nineteen year old me writing, probably when I was on acid. The irony about it is, I didn’t actually have the slightest desire to be in a relationship and actually had never been screwed by a women. About the closest I had come to a relationship that would qualify for the feelings expressed, was the only time I’ve ever developed romantic feelings for another guy – who turned out to love cocaine more than he did me. And that was for the best, because while I really adored him, even was falling for him, I really wasn’t into the sex with men thing.It doesn’t come through as well in recording, but I could actually make people cry with that one. Especially when it was played in conjunction with my lyrical explorations of platonic interpersonal relationships and delving into the core of who I am and who the people around me, whom I loved ever so dearly were. Starting there, I was able to run a gamit of themes that would make people feel the things I was desperate not to – and they loved it.I really loved making my friends into songs.”Look into your crystal ball – tell me one more lie. Lay your olive arms upon my breast and kill me one more time..”

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    Oh, Crystal, talk about repetitive. Wow.DuWayne, it seems to be back now. Not sure why it wasn’t working.I look forward to hearing yours. As time goes on, I’m more and more fascinated by how audiences seem to want to be manipulated by artists and where the line is between what they want us to do to them and what constitutes abuse. You talking about your audiences has been fueling some speculation on that lately.

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    Probably a problem with my browser. I seem to get random problems that I suspect are due to my adblocker. Like when I watch streaming Tee Vee, I tend to get the little “loading” swirl in the middle of the screen, the pointer for position in the vid never moves and I don’t actually see any commercials. I usually unblock the page.I have to figure out how to actually upload mp3s to blogger. Irritatingly, I can upload/embed video (which I will, oh yes I will) but mp3s don’t have a icon.

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    These songs, and your description of love songs in general, intially brought up so much emotion for me that I couldn’t hardly comment! And reminded me of a period when the only movies I liked were ones that didn’t have happy endings, the others seemed pointless.I like the first song the best; the combination of the two reminds me of Mark-Almond’s (different artist – 1970’s) “What am I Living For.” Then John Prine comes up, then “sweet dreams and flying machines in pieces on the ground.” (J.Taylor) Yeah, my mind just goes there and gets a little stuck. I’m really surprised two songs could do this! Interesting…I may post a couple songs, later and link back here.@DuWayne Sometimes my browser seems to get full and I have to either restart it or restart the computer. Maybe I’ll switch to Firefox or Safari someday.

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    Still can’t figure out how to actually get them embedded into a post, but I did manage to get the pertinent songs, as well as an impertinent one uploaded here. The first one, which you are free to ignore, is only with us, because someone recorded the show where it was first played, thus the lyrics were actually captured. Unfortunately, it was rather popular with our friends, so I wasn’t allowed to change it when we did the studio recording….I was in fact on acid when I made it up, hence the title. (A lot of acid, a lot, lot of acid)

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    Silver Fox, I know I like strong music, but that’s pretty cool. I’m looking forward to seeing what you post.DuWayne, thanks. I’ll do some listening this weekend. I understand about not being allowed to change things. I’ve got a piece of writing around here from when I was sixteen that I need to post for a friend. I’d love to fix some of the, um, infelicities, but that wouldn’t be what he’s looking for. He wants what he remembers from high school, warts and all.

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    The first love poem is more annoying than the first love song. “My love why did you leave me, why did you leave my heart in pain.. ” Blah. I prefer neo-break up over ancient lovelorn.

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    Well, to be fair, Betul, the people who translate anything that old are probably going for accuracy over poetry. Still, I’m in the neo camp, too. My current favorite is the Kaiser Chiefs’ “Every Day I Love You Less and Less.”

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    Aah.. more and more we realized that one does not need love for offspring's survival. That's the real effect of the science & rationalizm; love does not make sense anymore, eh?

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