Home again, having paid out much sleep debt, eaten much good food, shriveled my fingers in the hot tub and spent many hours in silly and serious conversation with friends. This weekend’s game of choice was apparently creating the world’s most insipid revolutionary slogans.

  • Foreground the optical substrate!
  • Up with the hoi polloi!
  • Inconvenience the bourgeoisie!

We were also the zoo exhibit of choice for several does with yearlings.

“Stay here between us, kids. You’ll be safe. They’re behind glass.”

“Why don’t they do anything? They’re just staring at us. Do they act like that in the wild?”

“No, honey. They’re much more dangerous in the wild.”

“Eek! One moved! Run away!”

Anyway, off to bed so as not to undo all the good I just did myself.