Gone Away

I’m taking a vacation from the internet this weekend. At least mostly. We’ll see how the withdrawal goes. I might not be able to stand it.

Okay, I’m making it fairly difficult for me to get on the internet this weekend. Good enough? In the meantime, check out someone else.

I just met Crystal and Vic this weekend, although I’ve liked Crystal’s blog for a while. I recommend going to find out why she’s just not all that concerned with online privacy. Vic’s a little more concerned, but he’s talking about sociopaths, so that seems appropriate.

Mme. Piggy is totally stealing our shtick with a restaurant review. I mean, sure, her blog’s called Food Devotions and Kermit Love, and she was doing it first, but is that any excuse? And why haven’t I had pho?

Muse is ranting. I always like that. This time, it’s about epigenetics.

Scicurious is reminding me (as though I needed it) why I love her so. She’s answered the “Why Am I a Scientist?” question that Ambivalent Academic started. She says she just sort of fell into it, but everything else about her answer says she was made for the role.

Jessica pointed me at Pride and Predator. It’s in Variety. It has to be true, right?

And oh, people are posting stories. Okay, Kelly’s is a play, not a story: Waiting for Inspiration: A Writer’s Morality Play In Half An Act. Juniper’s is actually lots of stories about getting malaria and the effects of trying to prevent it. Plus exploding taxis. PalMD finished his story of his trip to Honduras after Hurricane Mitch. Greg is still adding new Congo memoirs, although there’s a rumor he’s nearly done. And Quiche Moraine is starting its own nice little collection of stories.

Wait, why am I taking a break again?

Gone Away

3 thoughts on “Gone Away

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    Taking a break seems like a good idea. Maybe Vic and I can take an internet break. As if! 🙂 We actually decided not to get internet on our phones because we are already constantly wired… Thanks for the link. I’m currently working on a gigantic piece about the history of state institutions in Minnesota using former resident’s perspectives. So, I’m serious sometimes. 🙂 It is taking much longer than I thought it would, mostly because I want to do them justice.Have a great break! We’ll be checking the feeds to see when you’re back! 🙂

  2. 2

    Somehow my comment disappeared into the ether. Have a good break. Thanks for the link, and try some Pho. Hope to see you soon-ish for some beer swilling blog times!

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