I just signed up for a new con. This one’s a conference, though, not a convention and not my usual thing. In January, I’ll be attending ScienceOnline’09.

When I first read the description, I thought, Sounds interesting but not for me, I’m afraid. See, it used to be called the NC Science Blogging Conference. And while I blog, and I’m interested in science, support good science education, read science blogs, etc., I’m not a science blogger. I’m a…I’m…I don’t know what kind of blogger I am. If you figure it out, let me know.

Then half my blogroll registered–the half I haven’t met.

That was when the stray enabling thoughts started popping up. I have done a guest post on ScienceBlogs, about science blogs. My blog does have a strong anti-woo undercurrent. All my friends are doing it. As a science fiction writer, I have a vested interest in promoting a love and understanding of science.

If it hadn’t been for All my friends are doing it, I could have talked myself into it eventually. Sometimes I mistrust my own motives.

Then, today, they released Program v1.0.

Science Fiction on Science Blogs?
Science Fiction was the original source of excitement for many a scientist. How can a science blogger use Science Fiction to draw the readers in and explain the actual science?

Okay. I’m going. There are other sessions I want to attend, but that one, alone, sold me.

I’ll see a bunch of you guys in January.

So much for impostor syndrome. I’m now moderating the science fiction session. Feel free to share ideas on what you want to see there.


11 thoughts on “ScienceOnline’09

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    Attend? How about you lead that session!? I had no idea you had any intention of coming here, but now that you are – I want to put you to work 😉 Call me….

  2. 3

    Bora, I already volunteered, like officially, on the site and everything. 🙂 I’ll drop you a note to get more information about how the sessions are structured, etc.Betül, I saw you on the list. I’m looking forward to meeting you too (but no taking over the world during the conference). We’ll have to arrange to make some raki change hands.

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    Woo-hoo! See you there!It can be like that episode of Friends, when Joey got a job at Ross’s museum. You and I can sit at a separate table wearing blue jackets while Bora and Greg and everyone wear white lab coats. And we’ll yell at them about sharing their pudding.

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    Glendon, can we wear dark red leather jackets instead? Not that I own one, but we’d both look awfully good in them.Betül, I wouldn’t worry about the coat. So far, I think Glendon and I are going to be the only people someone might look at and wonder why we’re there.

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