One of Those Nights

I’m not very entertaining today. I’m tired and my head hurts and I can’t go to bed yet and I turned down a free happy hour after work with some fun people because I was going to crack if I had to deal with noise. So if you want to be entertained, here are a few of the people who have amused me today.

  • Mike wants suggestions of good microbreweries. I’d appreciate it if you’d contribute your favorite or two, because I have every intention of using the comments as a checklist.
  • Moving from drink to food (sort of), the cracker finally got nailed, and Greg found something very interesting in the remains.
  • For yummier food, Steve wrote a song about Alton Brown, “His shoulders, his thighs, His voice and his kosher salt.” This is actually the second time I’ve heard Steve say he wants to have someone’s baby, and the second time I agreed with him.
  • Will is also writing songs, or at least new lyrics to songs. His don’t scan quite as well as Steve’s, but they’re written in not-French, so I guess it works.


One of Those Nights

3 thoughts on “One of Those Nights

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    After seeing some of the suggestions at my site, I could do a pretty good summer tour of the U.S. and Canada (like some guys do their baseball tours.)Thanks for the mention.

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    Mike, you may be regretting that mention when you see the length of my response. Stephanie, I hope your head feels better this morning. I’d say the combination of Alton Brown and beer sounds like it’d cure just about anything. 😉

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    Christopher, the weather finally making up its mind about what it was going to do (after two days of dithering) seems to have been what it took, but I am doing much better. Thanks for the well wishes.Mike, my strategy when traveling is to ask a local where to get something good, regional and on tap. As long as wherever I end up has more than an IPA (too much hops, particularly in the US), I’m usually very happy with the results. A bonus is that the food is almost always good too.

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