Alix Jules on the Orbit

I am an atheist.

However, that’s just a fraction of who I am. Even within my activist persona, my atheism is an erg in the motivational energy that creates Alix “Jules”.

It’s only part of my identity, it guides many of my decisions, makes for awesome t-shirts, and other interesting written pieces you can find on other networks (which I’ll still maintain); however, my atheism is not my totality.

I am secular dad of five, the son of an activist and immigrant single parent, a displaced New Yorker in the heart of Texas, who finds this state entirely too hot for human habitation during the summer months of March through November.

And though you’ll find me on stage, on-air, or too often in front of a mirror or a crowd, I am a nerve racked introvert that struggles to manage “all my feels” in the balance of the discourse I invite.

As a father, I wrestle with the ideas of secular parenting, like many, and do my best in helping my children find their voices, providing them support in affirming, defending, or declaring their mosaic of identity.

Whether its sketch, poetry, or photography, art plays as much of a part in my world as do the sciences.

I am a secular activist who cares about justice for marginalized, seeks attention for the discarded, and looks for platforms to amplify diverse secular voices that reflect the totality of the individuals who make up our communities, not just within our movements.  I’m not abandoning movement atheism, however, I am more. And even with my shared experiences of atheist persecution, disenfranchisement, humanism, etc., I’ve yet to be pulled over, or feared for my life (at least in this country), because of my belief.

That’s a reality of who I am, because in addition to all that I am, I’m also a Black man with a platform, Baldwin’s Negro, living in these fine States of a an inequitable America.

Regardless of my “all lives matter humanism”, I know that we, like our world, are complicated. And at the bottom of that dairy-free tofu rainbow frozen yogurt filled bowl of life that we call individuality, the indistinguishable melted mix we discard, is the intersectional forensic case for our decisions.

That slurry is the ink I’ll use to pen my discussions with you, you, and maybe even you.

Yes you, the other movement and that other-other movement. And even that movement that understands or wants to learn about the other movement or merely feigns interest in the remaining censored pieces that define us. That’s why I’m here.

Yes, I am an atheist, but you can read about that elsewhere.
This is where you can find more of me, no walls, just me.

–          Alix.

Alix Jules on the Orbit

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