Update: Minnesota Family Council scrubs vile lies from website

So it’s been a few days now, and there’s still no answer from the National Organization for Marriage about their stance on the ridiculous claims made by the Minnesota Family Council. However, the day after I emailed Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown to ask them about this, I found that these files had now been removed from the MFC’s website. The links are still there, but all of their publications under “homosexuality” are missing. MFC president Tom Prichard now states that these documents are about “the nature of homosexuality and homosexual behavior”. He then claims that their campaign for a constitutional ban on gay marriage is, quote, “not a referendum of homosexuality per se”.

This is perhaps the most disingenuous excuse he could have come up with. If this isn’t about gay people and their gayness, then why are they so concerned about gay people getting married? The very title of the document they’ve removed is “Informed Answers to Gay Rights Arguments”. Gay marriage is a gay rights issue. If their goal was to answer gay rights arguments, then accusing gay people of pedophilia, bestiality, and “ingesting urine and feces” is definitely part of the conversation here. This is precisely the situation that their claims were intended for. So why take them down now?

Do they still believe that gay people are “ingesting urine and feces”? If they think this is a good argument, then why wouldn’t they keep using it? And if they no longer believe this, then how about apologizing? They can’t have this both ways. The people of Minnesota have a right to know what the group behind this campaign is really saying about gay people. Are they worried that we’re going to rape their children and pets? Or are they more concerned that we might get married?