Idiot rabbi blames gays for child murder

New York rabbi Yehuda Levin has made himself into a rather notorious figure on issues of gay rights. From claiming that “the practice of homosexuality is a spiritual cause of earthquakes”, to promising bloodshed at a pride parade in Jerusalem, to calling gay people “literally moral terrorists” who provoked the Biblical flood, he’s quite a reliable source of unmitigated religious hysteria. Naturally, the National Organization for Marriage thought it would be just great to let him speak at their anti-gay rally, where he compared gay marriage to “de-evolving”.

Most recently, Levin suggested that the murder of 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky was “allowed to happen” because people haven’t been fighting against gay rights, which he refers to as “the agenda of the descendants of Amalek”. In the Old Testament, the Amalekites are an enemy of the Hebrews, who are ordered by God to exterminate all of the Amalekites. This order remains in effect as one of the 613 commandments of the Law of Moses. As a command that explicitly authorizes total genocide, this has been creatively interpreted to refer to groups as diverse as Nazis, Zionists, atheists, Armenians and Palestinians. Levin then claims that if all the people who helped to search for Leiby Kletzky had fought against gay marriage, maybe he wouldn’t have been killed.

Quite frankly, I don’t understand what he’s talking about here. Jumbling gay marriage and child murder and Amalek together in the same paragraph doesn’t constitute an argument. It’s just a vulgar orgy of ignorance, prejudice, and all of their inbred offspring. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them”. And Levin certainly isn’t making it easy for us. How is this supposed to make any sense? Did Levi Aron kidnap and kill a child because of gay marriage? It sure doesn’t seem like it – but if he did, he’s a terrible, evil person, and that’s his problem. Are we meant to believe that something else was behind this, and that perhaps it was one of those obscene acts of God that’s only vaguely hinted at due to how monstrous it is? Is the horrific murder of children just assumed to be something that naturally follows from accepting gay people? So that’s how it is: If you don’t hate gay people enough, your children will be brutally killed.

Who’s in charge of all this? The bizarre cosmic tyrant dreamed up by Yehuda Levin as the godly embodiment of his own twisted delusions? In one projectile vomit of pious derangement, he’s managed to compare gay people to an eternal enemy of Jews, threaten everyone else with the death of their children if they dare to see gay people as equals, and to top it all off, he has the gall to use this child’s corpse as a platform for his disgusting politics of hate. You sick asshole. I don’t care what your faith is telling you – it doesn’t matter, because nothing can make this okay. Not even God! Your absurd superstitions are no excuse for such loathsome, heartless, disgraceful idiocy. And I only hope that some day you can scrape together enough human decency to hate yourself for what you’ve done.