We’re writing a book

Kristin Tynski, a fellow trans woman on YouTube, has graciously invited me to contribute to her upcoming e-book, Hacking Transition. It’s an in-depth guide to the mental, physical, social and legal processes of transitioning, for trans women, by trans women. In addition to a comprehensive exploration of the science, medicine and raw mechanics of transition, we also focus on the personal and experiential aspects of living as a trans woman. Our book is as much about how to figure out whether you’re trans – often a rather significant stumbling block – as it is about what to do once you’ve decided you want to transition.

Topics covered include, in no particular order: problematic media images of trans women, maintaining your self-esteem, the true prevalence of transsexualism, legal protections, emerging treatments, resources for support, “is it normal to feel this way”, trans-friendly religions, coming out in any context, sex advice, relationship advice, disclosure, dealing with transphobia, choosing a name, style tips, “why am I still a guy in my dreams”, thought experiments and practical experiments for exploring identity, effects of HRT, “why doesn’t it work anymore and how can I get it to work again”, early transition and later-in-life transition, repression and hypermasculinity, nonsense autogynephilia theories, dysphoria or the absence thereof, “can I still be trans if…”, finding good therapists and doctors, fertility, “natural transition” scams, exercise regimens, recommended surgeons, and pretty much anything else that belongs in what’s basically “Being Trans: The Book”.

We’re aiming for a release date in May. If you’d like to sign up for updates on our progress, just go here. Questions, comments and recommendations are welcomed!

We’re writing a book

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